Another tooth!

Today Tiffany informed me that Kylie has another new tooth coming through, this time it is on the top and in the front. It is the front top right tooth (left if your looking at Kylie) and it has just started to break through the gum. This will be Kylie’s third tooth as her bottom two have been through for a few weeks now.

[Edit: 5/14/2006]

When I awoke this afternoon (I worked last night) to watch Kylie while Tiffany went to work, I had the opportunity to bravely stick my finger into Kylie’s mouth, and I was able to feel the tooth! Right where Tiffany said it was, it is just barely out of the gum so we will have to watch for it to fully come out. I don’t think I ever would have thought that teeth could be this exciting! 🙂