Separation Anxiety

Tiffany subscribes to an email from and today it contained the following information:

If your baby seems more clingy than usual, she’s probably feeling separation anxiety” perfectly normal for a 9-month-old. It’s really a good sign, showing that she’s now able to distinguish between the familiar and the unfamiliar. She may refuse to open her arms to other adults, even ones she knows, and she may find bedtime distressing because it separates her from mom and dad. Separation anxiety usually peaks between 10 and 18 months and then gradually fades. With extra cuddling and reassurance from you, she’ll get through this stage and back to her social self.

This is good to know, and I am really happy that Tiffany gets these messages because they have provided some good information multiple times now. I like that the messages follow along with Kylie’s progression as far as age and tells us things to look for at these times. Something tells me my parents could have made good use of the internet and the information it can provide while I was a child.

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  • What do you mean we could have made good use of the internet and the information it provided, did we do something wrong with you or you brothers and sister? I think you all turned out pretty good and I am proud of each and everyone of you.

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