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When I came into work tonight and checked my email I received more final information on my temporary relocation to Eagan. I will be starting out there on Monday September 18th, which means I will be leaving on Saturday September 16th to make the 600+ mile drive. I have officially received my work cell phone, a Nextel Blackberry 7510, otherwise known to everyone who has one as the company ball and chain. I have also found out where exactly I will be staying while I am out there. The company is going to put me up in a hotel for the first couple of nights, and then on the 20th I will move into a fully furnished apartment in Burnsville called Provence, this is where my co-worker and friend Rick is already located. Rick has told me that the place is really nice and when they say fully furnished, they mean it…right down to the turkey baster. Once I get out there and have a few spare moments I will take pictures of the place and post them up in the gallery. At this point I am waiting on my company laptop, which from the sounds of it I should be receiving soon, and then a company American Express card that i will use to pay for and expense my flights back home once a month. So the company really is going to be tacking really good car of me and I am very happy about that. Now I just need to start packing and planning the trip out there.

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  • All of us here in NY are so very proud of you and we all wish you much success even if it is for only 3 months. We all are looking forward to hearing all about everything you do and see.
    I’m sure you will be very busy, but hope what ever time you have off you are able to get some R&R. Take lots of pictures for us and we will look forward to seeing them in you gallery.
    I know Kylie is very much important to you but she will be fine and make you trips back home more presious to both of you.
    Good luck with everyting, I will pray that something very good come out of this experience for you.
    Love you lots.

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