Heading out west

Now that the decision is final and plans are well into the last stages, I have decided to announce that I am getting a (temporary) promotion at work that will require me to relocate to Eagan Minnesota (Map). As of this writing it is not certain as to when I will be leaving as the dates have very recently changed, but I am either going to be out their on September 11 or 20, details are still being hammered out. I will be going out for at least 3 months with one trip back home per month being paid for by the company. I am really looking forward to this opportunity and hope that it helps me in furthering my career. There are a few downfalls to this trip and most are menial and just involve me missing certain events, but there is one very large one, and that is missed time with my daughter. I am hoping that she will be ok while I am gone and am certain that Tiffany will continue to tell Kylie that I love her and that I am only gone for a little while. I already plan on trying to call her and talk to her so she can at least hear my voice and know that I am thinking of her, the only problem is finding time while she is still awake, as I already know that I will have some very long days ahead of me. I am planning on bringing my camera with me and hope to find time to take some pictures to share with everyone. I will also try to continue to post on here while I am out there to keep everyone filled in on my status and what it is like out there. I am sure I will have more information to post later.

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  • I just wanted to share this with you, hoping it will make you feel a little better about leaving Kylie for a while. Recently, Delaney and I were Up North for a week without Chris. The first night, Chris called, and I put Delaney on the phone. This was her first phone call, so I wasn’t sure how she would react. She sat there, quietly listening to her Dada say, “hi” and “I love you” for a minute. Then he did something that she reacted to. Ever since she was born, Chris picks her up and puts what I can only describe as a million kisses on her neck. Because of his beard pricklies, she always leans into it, almost putting her cheek on her shoulder. Well, he made the same noise into the phone. He did it loud enough so that it was audible to me. Instantly, she got a big smile on her face and put her cheek on her shoulder. It was the cutest thing ever. We knew, that she knew, it was her Dada on the phone. Ever since that conversation, if Chris is not home, and I’m on the phone, she crawls up me trying to get to the phone.
    My point is, that it is amazing what they know and remember. And, Kylie is 6 months older than Delaney so she will have even more recognition! Good luck out there sweetie! Love, Tracey

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