Great Start

So today was my actual first day of work at the new job, it started out pretty shitty but kinda funny. So I woke up this morning and got ready for work and did all the normal stuff, and then left. Well it was snowing out and it took me 35 minutes to travel approxamitly 9 miles…on 94. Now there was no reason for the people in front of me to be doing 15mph in a 70mph lane, but anyway…. So I make it to work and am pulling into a parking spot doing like 1 mph and my truck will just not turn, instead it slides…..into another car. *sigh* So anyway I finally get my truck into a proper parking spot and go into work to find out its my boss’s car. Damn, what a way to start out my first day. He was cool about it though and understood. Nothing I could really have done about it, turns out it was fresh powder over a beautiful layer of black ice on a sloped parking lot at 8am before the plow came through. At least the rest of my day went well.

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